Tales of the Forest Friends


The Forest Friends are a diverse group of original puppet characters. Together they entertain and convey stories about living life fairly. Their challenges are similar to those of our everyday life: Respecting others; Communicating with others and working together; Being yourself. The Forest Friends always remember to have fun. They love to sing and be the life of every happening. Let them be a part of your MEHNTOR Experience.

Red Bird’s Three Wishes

Red Bird Cardinal receives three wishes from a gypsy fortune teller. He turns himself into a donkey, pig and a fish only to find he can be himself in life.

Recommended Ages: 3 - 103 years old; family

It’s a Birds World

Talk Back the Mynah Bird believes it to be a bird's world because everywhere he goes he sees birds. The other Forest Friends show Talk Back that there are other animals besides himself in the world.

Recommended Ages: 3 - 103 years old; family

Helping Others

Our newest tale. Little Red Bird learns from his mother, Talk Back the Mynah Bird, Linus Lion and with the help of a child from the audience the importance of asking for help and saying please and thank you.

Recommended Ages: 3 - 103 years old; family

Peli and His Beak

Peli Penguin sticks his beak into other folk's business and gets his beak bit. The wise Owl shows Peli and other Forest Friends that they can live without violence.

Recommended Ages: 5 - 103 years old; family

An Adventure of Donk Grey

Donk Grey weary of traveling, collapses. A local farmer discovers the fallen donkey and carries him home. The farmer and his wife go round and round about a ‘Hole in a Bucket’. They can not wake Donk Grey, so Talk Back wakes him and explains how to communicate with others.

Recommended Ages: 5 - 103 years old; family

Talk Back is Missing

Talk Back the Mynah Bird and Red Bird Cardinal hunt for an old undiscovered well. Talk Back stumbles into the well. The Forest Friends learn to work together finding their missing friend.

Recommended Ages: 5 - 103 years old; family

The Rabbit Who Wanted To Be A Man

Old Mr. Cactus tells a colorful tale of a rabbit who learns the hard way it easier to be a rabbit than a man. Adapted from Mexican Folklore.

Recommended Ages: 3 - 103 years old; family














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