Family Events

Puppet shows and puppet making workshops can be a great addition for any family event.

Family events have included but not limited to, retirement parties, anniversaries, reunions, baby showers,

house warming's, dinner parties, bar mitzvahs, graduations and so much more.

Just about any event can be enhanced with a custom designed program.

We'll meet with you and discuss the endless possibilities or choose from our many already well received programs.

The show you built for our dad's 90th birthday was a family hit!.  He was so surprised at all the history and special family things you put in the show. Thanks for the puppets of him. The Udon Family Our daughter, her friends and all the family loved it! Let's do it again. D. Johnson Thanks for the fantastic puppets and puppet show. I didn't expect all you did.  Your taking time to help make a puppet with each of my grandkids and their friends, WOW!.  We'll have you back next year when we visit.  C. Wills  Dan loved the retirement show and needless to say every guest ROARED!  It was better than any roast we could have done! J. Anderson  Thank you for the meaningful show at our Wedding Reception.  We'll always remember.... Diane & Tom  My family very much enjoyed your Christmas tale. I was so thankful for your time and energy.  You have helped all of us  remember the meaning of family and the holidays. God Bless... Bob C.  ...I wished you could have seen Alexander's face when the fireman came out. "That's ME!" he shouted.  Great show. We will always cherish the special puppet of our son. Dr. W