Imagination is the only limitation while you make your own puppet with the assistance of our staff.


  Puppet Workshops

Presentation includes various types of simple sock or hand puppets. Hands-on design and construction of simple puppet.

Basic manipulation technique practice. Workshop will include a presentation on types of simple puppets.

Discussion of construction tips and manipulation. Using materials provided participants design and assemble components

for puppet at several workstations: eyes; mouths; hair; body. Puppets are finished and returned by trained older leader

or adult followed by basic manipulation practice and presentation by participants.

Each participant will receive a colorful sock or basic hand puppet body w/ head.

Choice of components: simple doll eyes, pompom balls, yarn hair, pre-cut fun foam and feathers to make a finished sock puppet.

Adult supervision and assembly required at event site. Finished puppet comes in a re-sealable plastic storage bag


    Standard Sock Puppet Workshop      $   8 pp

    Deluxe Sock Puppet Workshop          $  15 pp

    Standard Hand Puppet Workshop      $  10 pp

    Deluxe Hand Puppet Workshop          $  20 pp

    Marionette Workshops                    

Party Favour Creations

   Skillfully created under the direction of Master Puppeteer Michael Reher,

   these original puppets will be a puppet party smash.  Time constraints based on number of guests.

      Finger Puppets                                 $  3.00

      Sock Puppets                                   $  3.75

      Standard Hand Puppets                    $  7.00

      Deluxe Hand Puppets                        $ 12.00

Artist in Residence Programs                   Upon Request

Teaching Though Puppetry Workshops

     Teaching though puppetry is rewarding and fun.  Teacher workshops are designed to meet your curriculm standrds and needs.


We offer several workshop programs.

Depending on your event or needs we will work with you to deliver an inter-active and educational workshop on the art of puppetry.

Please inquire for more information.