How To Choose A Coach


So, you have heard about a Life Coach. You may now be considering having a Life Coach.  I am often asked by people, “How does someone choose a coach?”

I give a few different answers to that question. Let me share some of my responses with you. 

How do you choose your barber or hairstylist? Did a friend or colleague recommend someone to you? Did you look in the Yellow Pages? Did you see a shop that looked inviting and safe when you were out driving or shopping? Did you ask a friend who they use? When you met the barber or stylist did you ask them questions about their business, there way of doing business, the way the schedule their clients and how they cut and style hair? Did you feel comfortable and confident that they would fit your lifestyle?

How did you choose your doctor? Did you randomly pick the doctor from a provider list? Did you choose the doctor because of their reputation or proximity to your home? Did you go the Doctor’s office and interview him or here? Did the Doctor take time with you to explain his or her practice? Did the Doctor demonstrate a compassion and genuine feeling of wellbeing for you as a person or were you just another client with health problems to treat?

How did you choose the mechanic that works on your car? Did you choose them because of a referral or their experience? Did you choose them because of cost? Did you choose them because of the cleanness of their shop? Did you choose them because of their professionalism and knowledge? Did you choose them because you like them as a person?

When I choose someone to cut my hair, I spend time watching how he or she cut other peoples hair. I watch what they do when they are not cutting hair. Do they have a clean shop? Do they treat their customers with respect and dignity? Are they busy chatting with customers, other barbers or stylists or watching the TV?

When I choose a Doctor, I research Doctors, call their office and state I am looking for a new doctor; I would like to come in a meet the doctor and take time to get to know him and see if he is the best doctor for me. I tell them I am not sick and I am not coming in for an examination.  I make a personal appointment to meet with the doctor. I’m often humored when I enter a Doctor’s office and the receptionist is checking my appointment and then robotically asks me so how are you feeling, what’s wrong today.? When I explain I am here to meet the Doctor I often get a confused look and then an ‘Oh, ok, well have a sit’.  Sometimes the Doctor will come out to meet me, a real plus, but often I am ushered into a patient room and handed a gown, told to disrobe and that the Doctor will be in shortly.  The doctor who came out to meet me and invites me to his office to talk and have a consultation will often be my first choice, if everything else goes well with our communications and I am comfortable with his bedside manner.  If from the time I arrive at the office I feel I am treated as another number and the staff apparently has not listened to why I am there, that is not the Doctor for me. Remember I made an appointment and said what the purpose of my visit would be.  I ask many questions. I ask for referrals. I ask associates and friends for references and their personal experience with their Doctor. If I am choosing a Surgeon, I ask other related professional for references and their personal knowledge of the Surgeons practice.

There is not one set response to the question, just as there is not one way to coach all people.

When I am seeking professional service from anyone, I ask questions. I am in charge. I care about my health, my car’s health and that I am treated with respect and understanding, just as I treat others.

I am a healthier more productive person because of the personal relationship I have with the people I choose to do business with.


When you choose a personal Life Coach, chose a person who you trust. Who is accessible to you. Some individuals want a coach they can meet face to face with every week or session. Others are comfortable with virtual or distant communication sessions. Choose a coach who demonstrates genuine empathy for you and does not view you as another deposit to their bank account. Choose a coach who will work with you, providing the guidance for your journey.  If you are considering a coach, you don’t need someone who will tell you what to do and listen to all your failures and problems. If you do, you need a therapist. You want a coach who will empower you to make personal choices. You want a coach who will give you the personal tools for your success.

As your Coach, I will: