Guest Book

When you stay at Casa de Mehntor you are invited to share in our guest book. Here are ex exerts from previous guests.

We have really enjoyed your home and hospitality. It's great to get out of the hustle bustle at home and go someplace. You've made us feel so comfortable and special. After going to the tournament all day, we needed this. No more hotels for us.  Tina and Tony B., Fresno, CA

Thanks for making my wife's birthday even more special. You are a great cook. Really you should open a restaurant in our town.  Harold C., Whittier, Ca

You got a great home. I loved the wind chimes and fountains..you are so cleaver. Can we take the fountain home. Thanks for the yummy breakfasts that was neat. And when we come back we are going to go to that wine cellar again, what a combination. See you in the summer. Rita and Cliff  w.,  Phoenix, Az.

Your house is just amazing! We didn't really understand until we arrived, I know you told us, but I think I was in a museum. You need better pictures. It was fun talking with you we felt like we've known you forever. The room was so quiet I forgot about home and your meals were unbelievable. You say it's easy but you've been doing it for a long time! Can I take lessons. Thanks for the fun times. We hope we make it out here again. Anne & Bob R, Milwaukee, Wi